The long and short of it

How many people notice or read a lengthy image caption on Instagram? Why should I bother to write them?
Because I care.

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Filtering for consistency

One of the first things I did when I swopped my Blackberry for an iPhone was to download Instagram. My Instagram account @angelinahue is a condensed, visual reflection of my blog. It’s a mix of architectural and landscape shots from my travels, plus an occasional picture of cats, books or food. There’s plenty of colour…

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Behind every fashion blogger

Have you wondered how some people always look effortlessly stylish in their #ootd photos? Or what it takes to create picture-perfect #foodporn shots or eye-catching #ihavethisthingwithfloors images? Wonder no more and check out this hilarious video highlighting the plight of the “Instagram husband“, the unsung hero behind the popular fashion blogger! Earlier this year, I…

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Closing time

This week’s photo challenge on The Daily Post is all about doors. I was tempted to post a series of photos of doors, but since I’m currently travelling and have limited access to my image archive, I shall instead share my most recent ‘door’ picture! This was taken last week in Paris, outside Cannibale Cafe in the 11th…

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Double Yellow Line

A double yellow line road marking means different things depending on where you’re at. In Singapore, this means that no parking is allowed at all times. Violate this rule and risk being fined S$70 (approx. 40€ / US$50).  The theme of this week’s Photo Challenge on Daily Post is “yellow”. The first thing that came…

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