Film photography: Slowly but surely

One of the pleasures of film photography is getting surprised by the images when I eventually get the rolls of film developed. While most of the photos are not super sharp, I love the grain and imperfections in them which somehow make those moments seem more real.

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I enjoy uncovering everyday stories and talking to strangers. Dense urban cities fascinate me as there are many stories hidden within the concrete buildings and others waiting to be discovered in the streets.

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Happy Holidays!

My phone has been flashing Whatsapp notifications of Christmas greetings from my friends. The latest photo came from a dear friend who is in Siem Reap, Cambodia and showed him in front of immense tree roots that had overtaken the crumbling ancient walls around it. I immediately recognised where this was taken at. It has…

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Onsen in the sky

At 1,280 metres above sea level, Ryounkaku Tokachidake Onsen (十勝岳温泉 凌雲閣
) is the highest onsen, in Hokkaido. Soaking in this hot spring is one of my favorite memories from my recent trip to Japan. The hot spring opened to the public in 1958 and is renowned for its “cloud sea”. Because of its lofty location…

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