Have you wondered how some people always look effortlessly stylish in their #ootd photos? Or what it takes to create picture-perfect #foodporn shots or eye-catching #ihavethisthingwithfloors images?

Wonder no more and check out this hilarious video highlighting the plight of the “Instagram husband, the unsung hero behind the popular fashion blogger!

Earlier this year, I published a series titled “Made in Barcelona“. Each article featured a fashion apparel or accessory that was made in Barcelona and/or designed by emerging talents in the city.

If you have been reading my blog regularly, you probably noticed that these were tangential from my usual posts.

The series was inspired by two things: One, I was happy to have discovered these independent designers and wanted to create more awareness of their collections. Two, after meeting some fashion bloggers through work, I was curious about how they went about creating content for their websites and social media channels.

So I roped in AB to be my photographer and co-stylist. I planned the outfits for each shoot and we took to the streets on days when the light was good. Even though I did some modelling in my younger days, I was self-conscious and felt embarrassed posing for photos in public!

It was nonetheless a fun experiment, though you will not see me posting #ootd pictures on Instagram. It’s too narcissistic for my liking.

Hashtag Index:
#ootd – stands for “outfit of the day”
#foodporn – currently the top trending hashtag on Instagram for drool-enticing or stylised food photography
#ihavethisthingwithfloors – typically a top-down shot of the wearer’s shoes against an interesting background such as a mosaic or titled floor

7 replies on “Behind every fashion blogger

  1. I love independent designers. 🙂 Now that we’ve been in Oakland for a couple of years I am beginning to have my local favorite designers and shops. I don’t do #ootd posts either; Erik would never consent to being an Instagram husband, and I can’t be self-conscious AND deal with him rolling his eyes at the same time. 😉

    1. I wish I could find more designers that I like in Brussels, but I seem to have better luck in Paris. I’m imagining the eye-rolling part, how funny… I was just reminded of one of the guys in the Instagram Husband video who described himself as a “human selfie stick”!

      1. Yes, he doesn’t mind sitting around for an hour waiting for me to sketch something, but if it were for fashion he would certainly not be as patient. 😉 Too bad Brussels hasn’t yielded as many cool designers as Paris!

  2. I don’t ‘do’ fashion but cost centre 1 works for Balenciaga. It’s a different planet. I have never photographed her (just a few at her wedding 😊). Brave man AB.

  3. what a cool way to expand the content of your blog. don’t worry about being narcissistic, there’s no better time than now! what a cool back pack right there.

    1. Thanks Alan for the encouragement! Let’s see if inspiration strikes in the future for another fashion series/post 😉 And yes, the design of the backpack is pretty cool. The brand (Progono) just launched a new collection and I love the shapes and structures of the bags.

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