A double yellow line road marking means different things depending on where you’re at. In Singapore, this means that no parking is allowed at all times. Violate this rule and risk being fined S$70 (approx. 40€ / US$50). 

The theme of this week’s Photo Challenge on Daily Post is “yellow”.

The first thing that came to mind was “doubleyellowline“, a series of concerts that was started by a friend and his like-minded peers who wanted to give budding music talents in Singapore a platform to be seen and heard. The accompanying tagline was “Don’t Stop, Keep On Moving”.


I was roped in to support as one of the two concert photographers. I was happy to help as it was good practice for me to photograph an unfamiliar situation. Plus it gave me the opportunity to openly take pictures of people, something which I was, and still am, hesitant to do.

I also wanted to support Singapore’s local talent even though I was unfamiliar the music that the bands performed. Through my makeshift ear plugs (which were just bits of tissue), it sounded mostly like grunge rock and punk noise to me.


After a while, the bands started to look the same through my lens. I walked around the stage looking for new perspectives. Sometimes looking down…

eugene's moment of truth_16

Other times, getting down on my knees.


I was more interested in photographing the production crew at work than the bands themselves.


After all, the bands already had many eyes on them.


Because I was an appointed photographer, I felt at ease taking photos of everyone at all times.


It was fun capturing candid moments that were happening behind the scene.


It was also inspiring to see the passion that this group of enterprising young people had for music.


This was back in 2005. I had a Canon EOS 300 and the photos you see here were shot using different films.


I don’t remember what film I had used. I like the texture of the black and white photos, which I believe were shot on one roll of film. I think it might have been a Kodak T-Max 400. What do you think?


These pictures were taken almost a decade ago. It’s interesting to look at the contact sheets and see my photographic approach during the concerts. Especially since the pictures were taken with film and it was not cheap (for me) to develop the film, so I took one shot of most scenes.


While I don’t think that the photos that I took during these doubleyellowline concerts were remarkable, they form a special collection and I have fond memories of those moments.

A good reminder to “don’t stop, keep on moving” as well as to stay committed to one’s passion.


11 replies on “Double Yellow Line

    1. I took some photos using my x100 for anther friend who was performing a few years ago. One thing I like was being able to shoot at different ISOs during the concert and then make adjustments in Photoshop. I did however end up with too many photos which made the review process longer than it needed to be.

  1. Great photos, great memories, I specially like the behind the scenes photos. You are correct, digital has many advantages but if you are not careful thee will be too many pictures to edit and post process…

  2. These are very interesting shots, and the crew shots are unusual since the job is really shooting the band. If you have the negatives, or can read the coding on the film edge in the contact sheets then you can pretty easily find out what the film was – an internet search should pretty quickly tell you. I occassionally find old film in old cameras, get it processed and use that method to find out what kind of film it is.

    I too feel hesitant photographing people. I sometimes take pictures at small concerts, but only when my son or his friends are playing, and I have permission. Recently I posted some taken on film with the camera I had in my pocket. As the film was not very fast, they are all blurred, but I like them for that. Easily done with a digital camera, but I am not sure I would think of doing it. And, I find that shooting film is a totally different experience than digital. I conserve my shots/film, look more carefully, reject scenes I would shoot on digital and generally am much more slow about my photography. All good things I think.

    1. Good point, I often forget that the film name/code can be seen on the negatives. I have them still – though they are in Singapore, so probably will find out then. Thanks!

      Agree, shooting with film makes me less ‘trigger happy’ with the camera and take a more considered approach. Which is a good approach anytime, be it with photography or sending emails!

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