Putting down roots in Hong Kong

It has only been three weeks since I left Brussels for Hong Kong but it feels longer than that. It’s as if I’ve been catapulted into a fast-forward mode after an extended dormant period.

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Back in Brussels

I was in Doha on 22 March. A colleague told me that there had been an explosion at the airport when we stepped out during a break at the conference. I thought she was joking or maybe I had misheard something. It didn’t seem real.

But I wasn’t surprised that this had happened. It was only a matter of time.

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Drinking dirt

I love aged pu-erh tea 普洱茶. Its woody, musty aroma evokes images of misty rainy mornings in the wilderness. The first sip of freshly brewed pu-erh tea always makes me sigh contentedly, close my eyes and take a deep breath as I slip into a state of bliss and calm. Which is like the effect…

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Kid’s play

Victor Horta is regarded as the father of Art Nouveau architecture and designed some of the most iconic buildings in Brussels. Sadly, many of his early Art Nouveau creations, most notably Maison du Peuple, were demolished in the 1960s and 1970s as these were deemed old fashioned. 120 years ago, Horta was commissioned to design…

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Little Anatolia in Brussels

We were in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode (also known as Sint-Joost-ten-Node in Flemish) last weekend to check out the flea market. While we were in central Brussels, it felt like we were somewhere else in Turkey! Several streets were closed off to traffic on the occasion of the flea market which, disappointingly, was selling mostly brand-new, mass-produced junk.…

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Oh sweet dessert!

Did you know that your stomach, when empty, is about the size of your fist? As the stomach is a muscle, it expands and contracts when you consume food. The human stomach can stretch to around 40 times its original size, to around two litres, after a huge meal. I have a hearty appetite and…

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