Back in Brussels

I was in Doha on 22 March. A colleague told me that there had been an explosion at the airport when we stepped out during a break at the conference. I thought she was joking or maybe I had misheard something. It didn’t seem real.

But I wasn’t surprised that this had happened. It was only a matter of time.

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Porto in December

When we travel, AB and I often try to do so outside of the peak season so that we will avoid the tourist mayhem and be able to enjoy the places in a more leisurely environment. Travelling off-season also means that there are more and cheaper accommodation options to choose from. On the flip side,…

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Little Anatolia in Brussels

We were in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode (also known as Sint-Joost-ten-Node in Flemish) last weekend to check out the flea market. While we were in central Brussels, it felt like we were somewhere else in Turkey! Several streets were closed off to traffic on the occasion of the flea market which, disappointingly, was selling mostly brand-new, mass-produced junk.…

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Turkish breakfast = Happiness

All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast – John Gunther I cannot agree more with Gunther. What about you? I think that the traditional Turkish breakfast is one of the best ways to start the day. The Turkish word for breakfast, “kahvaltı“, which is derived from “kahve altı” which literally means “before coffee”. While I don’t need any…

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