Declared Delta Air Lines in an advertisement. These were the words that greeted me at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

This was back in November 2011. I had flown from Brussels on Delta Air Lines on business class. When I entered the cabin, it felt like I had gone back in time into the 1980s. The blue leather seats looked tired and strapped into my place, I was reminded of being in a barber’s chair when I was a child.

I took this photo from the plane while it was on the way to land in Atlanta. It was striking to see so many cars in one space. But I suppose this is not an unusual sight in the US where many cities have been built around cars (instead of people) over the past century.

As I was using a film camera, I wasn’t sure if I had gotten the shot that I wanted with the shadow of the plane looming over the multitude of cars parked below. Fortunately, I just managed to capture the plane in the corner.

This photo was taken with a Lomo LC-A using Agfa APX 400 film.  

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