One night in Kyoto

Looking back at an evening of hearty food and sake in izakayas in Kyoto.

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Drinking dirt

I love aged pu-erh tea 普洱茶. Its woody, musty aroma evokes images of misty rainy mornings in the wilderness. The first sip of freshly brewed pu-erh tea always makes me sigh contentedly, close my eyes and take a deep breath as I slip into a state of bliss and calm. Which is like the effect…

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Asparagus gribiche toast

In Belgium, there is a certain bakery-cafe chain that claims that the tartine is a “signature Belgian open-faced sandwich”. I don’t understand what is characteristically Belgian about a piece of bread with various ingredients piled on top. If you ask me, a Belgian tartine looks like a Norweigian smørbrød or Russian buterbrod! Asparagus, green and white,…

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