Food stop at Obihiro // 帯広市, 北海道

One could not go hungry in Obihiro with its wide and quality selection of shops and restaurants specialising in confectionary and local dishes including the popular butadon 豚丼 (grilled pork served over a bowl of rice).

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Banana Yoshimoto: Kitchen

“The place I like best in the world is the kitchen,” declares a youthful Mikage Sakurai at the beginning of “Kitchen“. Written by Banana Yoshimoto*, Kitchen quickly become a bestseller when it was published in 1988. Yoshimoto also received some of Japan’s top literary prizes with her first book, further fanning the “Bananamania” in the country. Having recently read Kitchen –…

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Mt. Furano, Daisetsuzan National Park in Hokkaido // 富良野岳, 大雪山国立公園, 北海道

One of the things I love about Hokkaido is its abundant natural landscape and within this, the varied hiking trails and treks. During the summer trip with my family to Hokkaido, we spent the first few days in the Furano-Kamifurano-Biei area which is near to the immense Daisetsuzan National Park 大雪山国立公園. Aside from visiting flower farms and eating…

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