One summer night in Sapporo // 札幌, 北海道

One summer night in Sapporo where we stumbled upon the Hokkaido Bon dance and automated multi-storey car parks.

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Girl in Red

I was in Tokyo for only four days after 12 days touring around Hokkaido with my family in 2012. It was in August. Summer in Tokyo is generally hot and humid. When we were there, it felt like the heat was sapping the energy out of us. How refreshing it was every time we passed…

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Food Photography: Same Same But Different

Aside from making steamed rice, fried eggs, and baking bread, I couldn’t cook before I moved to Paris in 2010. During this one year in Paris, in between learning French, photographing Space Invaders and hanging out with AB, I also unlocked the mysteries of the kitchen! After all, there’s only so much of bread, cheese, and 8€ bowls of pho – AB…

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