Looking back at 12 days of summer in Hokkaido // 北海道

A series of posts following a self-drive trip in Hokkaido. I hope these articles will continue to inspire someone to discover the low-key charm of Hokkaido, its remarkable natural landscape and the wonderfully fresh seafood that it has to offer, and, ultimately, to see another side of Japan.

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Onsen in the sky

At 1,280 metres above sea level, Ryounkaku Tokachidake Onsen (十勝岳温泉 凌雲閣
) is the highest onsen, in Hokkaido. Soaking in this hot spring is one of my favorite memories from my recent trip to Japan. The hot spring opened to the public in 1958 and is renowned for its “cloud sea”. Because of its lofty location…

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