I was recently introduced to Blackie, a nifty black and white photo mobile app, with which I’ve been having lots of fun experimenting. I love the film simulations and manual controls which allow for extensive image customisation.

Below are 10 photos of everyday moments in Hong Kong, edited with Blackie. While these were taken over the past two weeks, I’ve presented them as I imagine them happening over the course of an ordinary week day.

Inspired by my current environment, I’ve included captions in traditional Chinese alongside the English ones. As Chinese is not my forte, do pardon me if some of the lines could be better!

I hope you’ll enjoy this brief monochrome journey into my Hong Kong.

Morning mist 雨濛濛
Morning rush 人來人往
All eyes on it 寸步不離
Dim sum lunch 一點一心
Midday breather 深呼吸
Back into the madness 奔走如市
Almost there 迫不及待
Food on the go 填飽肚子
Herbal soup for health 血補身強
Night light 夜已深

12 replies on “In 10 photos: A day in Hong Kong

  1. Enjoyed? No … i LOVED this brief monochromatic journey into your Hong Kong! Thank you so much for sharing these, Angelina. I really do feel as if I’ve been there with you. (And also: It’s wonderful to see you here. Hope you’ve been well!)

    1. Hello! We had enough of Brussels and HK was our first choice for our next move. I then found a job in HK et voilà! I’ve been here for four months and enjoying being here.

      Why the desire to move back to HK? I’ve been busy settling into our new home and my new job so have not been keeping up with writing nor reading blogs. I had a good chuckle when I read some of your recent posts 😉

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