When I grow up…

Lush greenery, lots of natural light, and uncluttered space with clean lines are some of the features that I’d like to have for my future home. What about you?

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Made in Barcelona III: Paloma Wool

“Playsuit”, as defined by The Oxford English Dictionary: 1. An all-in-one stretchy garment for a baby or very young child, covering the body, arms, and legs; 2. A women’s all-in-one garment, or matching set of garments During a recent trip to Barcelona, I got to meet a select group of up-and-coming Spanish designers through fashion…

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Stars in my eyes

Over the last few months, I’ve been taking photos mostly with my iPhone and editing them using the VSCO Cam app. Sometimes I miss using my Fuji x100, processing the raw files on Raw Photo Processor and making the final touches like straightening the lines in Photoshop. However the former option is more convenient than the latter…

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