At 1,280 metres above sea level, Ryounkaku Tokachidake Onsen (十勝岳温泉 凌雲閣
) is the highest onsen, in Hokkaido. Soaking in this hot spring is one of my favorite memories from my recent trip to Japan.

The hot spring opened to the public in 1958 and is renowned for its “cloud sea”. Because of its lofty location in the mountainous Daisetsuzan National Park, the outdoor onsen offers bathers breathtaking views. In particular, when the clouds come together, it is as though one is bathing amid a sea of clouds, in an onsen in the sky!

Note: No photography is allowed in onsens. This photo was taken at an higher altitude, from the peak of Mount Furano after a few hours of hiking. This photo was taken with a secondhand Canonet QL17 using Portra 160 film.

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