Getting into the spirit

When in Beijing, we embarked on an introductory flight of baijiu, the ubiquitous Chinese spirit for all celebrations, at Capital Spirits.

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Tea notes in China: Lijiang and Hangzhou

Centuries ago, weary tea and horse traders travelling along the Ancient Tea-Horse Road 茶马古道 passed through Lijiang en-route to or from Shangri-la. Bricks of pu-erh tea 普洱茶 were bartered for Tibetan horses amongst the merchants. It was in Lijiang, which is in China’s Yunnan province, where my budding love affair with Chinese tea started. The year was 2008 and you can read…

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Going Places

“I got this photograph in an email and it is one of those pictures that you wonder where in god’s name is that…” This is the opening line in a video made by Robin Esrock. He was hiking in Mount Hua 华山 in a quest to reach a lofty teahouse located on one of the southern peaks. Previously, the…

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