I recently set out to organise my photos in the Apple Photo app on my Macbook. While I have thousands of raw files that I have yet to review and process, I decided to focus on something more manageable: Sorting, labelling and dating images from scanned negatives developed over the past few years.

When I shoot with a film camera, I take very few shots compared to when I am using my phone or digital camera. It can take me half a year to finish one roll of film and I often forget what I had captured on it until I get it developed at a photo lab, which can be up to a year later.

I am in no hurry to see the images. I prefer to be surprised by them when I collect them from the shop.

Most photos that I have taken with an analogue camera are not super sharp, unlike the those taken with a digital camera. This does not bother me though. I love the grain and imperfections in these pictures – these make the moments seem more real and ephemeral (even though they have been captured on film).

Of the 500-plus images that I organised last weekend, I am a little embarrassed to say that about a quarter of them are rubbish – either out of focus or overexposed (or both). Of the rest, I narrowed it down to just nine shots to publish on Instagram.

This is less than 2% of all the photos that I have taken on film in the last four years. And that’s fine. I rather quality over quantity any time, however long it may take.

Galata BridgeHagia SophiaF1000002 - Kodak Portra 400F1000014 - Portra 160F1000030ts - Kodak Portra 400F1010005 - Fuji Superia 200Da'an ParkEbisugawadori / Furniture Street 夷川通F10200200666 - Fuji Portra 160

7 replies on “Film photography: Slowly but surely

  1. Always prefer quality over quantity, every time. It really can create a richer, simpler, deeper life, I think. – Your photos are really wonderful to take in. Even if you say there were many you didn’t like, these are so enjoyable! Sharp colors, engaging visuals, interesting variety of planes and objects in each one, and many possible stories for each. It’s like armchair travel and a trip to the MOMA in one. Art and creativity is so nourishing – thank you!

      1. Very much enjoyed, Angelina! Looking forward to the next you share. You definitely have an eye for framing and capturing interesting studies. Thank you for posting :)!

  2. Good photos, surely you made a great job both photographing and editing your work. I really like the colours you get, and as subject I’m attracted by N° 3 and 5, not sure why, maybe because I do not know what is behind the walls 🙂 for sure some lives, people and…

    I personally like the selection phase, from a bunch of pictures you can take out the ones telling stories, and this can be as creative as taking photos. I’m just back from an european road trip from the sea coast in north Germany to the italian sea, I shot film and I have a long editing work in front of me, but this will be like traveling one more time!

    ciao, robert

    1. Ciao Robert! Sorry for my belated reply as I’ve been travelling. I agree with you that the editing process can be just as creative as that when taking photos. Sometimes I find that it’s harder to edit as it includes selecting and arranging images to create a strong story. Look forward to seeing your photos from Germany 🙂

  3. Sen ska man inte stirra sig sÃ¥ blind pÃ¥ vad som presterades i grundserien, minns senast DIF var i slutspel och vi hade plusstatistik pÃ¥ lhc men vad hjälpte det. Sen sÃ¥ har ju det varit jämna matcher det är ju inte sÃ¥ att brynäs har varit ölsTvägena.ra senaste slutspelet när lhc och saik möttes i kvarten och lhc hade 5-0 i matcher i grundserien men vilka gick vidare…

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