It has only been three weeks since I left Brussels for Hong Kong but it feels longer than that. It’s as if I’ve been catapulted into a fast-forward mode after an extended dormant period.

I’ve been up and about almost the entire time since I arrived. Some days I feel like I can barely catch my breath – from climbing endless stairs on humid summer days, chatting into the wee hours with old friends that I’ve not met in years, and meeting with colleagues as I settle into my new job!

Then there’s Hong Kong itself.

There’s so much going on all day long – people, bright lights, vehicles, advertisements, more people, hole-in-the-wall eateries alongside restaurants with plasticky furniture, shops and more shops. On the latter note, I’ve been constantly amazed at the wide variety of products in the supermarkets. Obviously I had been in Belgium for too long.

I hope to resume writing regularly here in the next weeks. There are many ‘distractions’ -practising my half-baked Cantonese, eating (too much) delicious local foods, trying not to melt in the sticky summer heat, navigating the meandering tunnels in the MTR subway stations, and I’ve not even started hunting for an apartment. Wish me luck!


18 replies on “Putting down roots in Hong Kong

  1. You sound very busy, Angelina — but very happy too. Best wishes to you indeed as you settle into your new city! I very much look forward to learning more about Hong Kong through your eyes.

  2. Oh, what a move! I’ve clearly missed a post or three along the way. Are you there for work? I love the water view. I remember it well from hotel rooms when I used to have to go to HK for work. Hope you settle in quickly!

    1. Hello Jackie, I moved to HK after I found a job here. I haven’t been blogging much for several weeks now because of the moving (from Brussels) and settling down (in HK). Actually, the latter will take a while still as we still need to find our new home!

    1. Thank you! Now that I’m living in HK, I hope to have more opportunities to visit Taiwan. I’ve only been to Taipei briefly for work. Can’t wait to discover more about Taiwan!

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