Flowers here, there and everywhere in central Hokkaido // 北海道

Summer is the best time to view flowers in full bloom in the towns of Furano and Biei in central Hokkaido. Hopping from one farm to another, you will be surrounded by lavender, sunflower, poppy, salvia, cosmos, Japanese rose, and more.

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Colour Me Orange

Have you ever had a colour analysis where someone advises you what colours flatter your skin tone and which ones you should avoid at all costs? I did and was told that cool colours like blue and purple are great for me, whereas warm colours such as brown and orange don’t match my complexion. This week’s…

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Thistle me purple

Bought thistles for the first time today. Love the striking geometry of this prickly plant, as well as its purple crowning glory. This is quite a handsome flower, don’t you agree? While reading up on thistles, here are some fun facts I came upon today: * The humble weed is the national emblem of Scotland *…

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