In search of quiet in Suzhou

Suzhou is renowned for its historic classical Chinese gardens, of which less than 60 remain today. We sought out two of the city’s most famous gardens and a couple lesser known ones to see if Suzhou’s reputation as a paradise on earth holds true.

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Lijiang 思念丽江

寒冷的冬天,品尝来之丽江的“女儿红”普洱茶, 感觉真舒畅。。。 August 2008: Lijiang, Yunnan 2008年8月:丽江,云南 It was my first time in Yunnan. I was there for work, a photo shoot, and stayed at Banyan Tree Lijiang.  Lijiang is renowned for its UNESCO World Heritage Site: Old Town of Lijiang (丽江古城), which consists of Dayan, Basha and Shuhe villages.  The preserved Naxi architecture and…

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