Vignettes of Japan #13: “Hoto” oden on a rainy evening

Oden Miyuki Honten serves up delicious oden from large vats of simmering dashi stock. Perfect food for cold, wet days in Kanazawa, Japan.

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Happy Holidays!

My phone has been flashing Whatsapp notifications of Christmas greetings from my friends. The latest photo came from a dear friend who is in Siem Reap, Cambodia and showed him in front of immense tree roots that had overtaken the crumbling ancient walls around it. I immediately recognised where this was taken at. It has…

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Interlude: Hokkaido

I visited Hokkaido in 2012 and it was only recently that I finally went through all the photos  taken by my mum, sis and I, as well as edited my raw files. I started to work on a photo book – which expanded into two volumes – and have been laying out the photos manually (not…

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