From print to screen

Would you read a book if you’ve already seen the film that was based on it, and vice versa?

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New life for ABC, a former adult film cinema? // Une nouvelle vie pour l’ancien cinéma porno ABC à Bruxelles?

Last June, I wrote a post about old-school adult film cinemas in Brussels and Singapore. While this has not been outwardly one of my most popular posts (22 ‘likes’ at the time of writing), it is amongst the most frequently viewed articles on my blog. According to the statistics provided by WordPress, this post receives around 8-10…

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香港,2004年11月 那些年错过的大雨 那些年错过的爱情 好想拥抱你 拥抱错过的勇气 曾经想征服全世界 到最后回首才发现 这世界滴滴点点全部都是你 +++ “那些年” (“Those Years”) is the title track of “那些年,我們一起追的女孩“, an endearing and nostalgic Taiwanese movie about teenage years gone by and ‘what-ifs’. Literally, the movie title would read “Those Years, The Girl We All Went After” in English; the official title in English is “You are The…

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