Getting into the spirit

When in Beijing, we embarked on an introductory flight of baijiu, the ubiquitous Chinese spirit for all celebrations, at Capital Spirits.

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Fruitcake cookies with booze

I love alcohol-soaked fruits. My taste for boozy fruits started when I was a kid: Rum and raisin ice-cream was a regular treat after piano classes. Then came along brandied cherries, prunes in armagnac and pears poached in red wine as I got older. I like desserts that combine alcohol and fruits. For instance – black forest…

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Antwerp: Las Mañas

I had known Debbie since my Banyan Tree days when she contacted the PR department for some information for a story. That was back in 2007, I think. We never met until earlier this year when AB and I were in Antwerp for a weekend. Fortunately she was in town, instead of trotting around the…

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