I moved to Brussels in late 2011. One of the things that I missed about Paris was its vibrant street art. In Brussels, it seems like the local communes are very quick to remove any tags with high-pressure water sprays.

As spring approached in 2012, I spotted a Space Invader in Brussels which really made my day. When I got home, I immediately searched online and learned that Space Invader had just “invaded” Brussels. Yay!

A lucky strike indeed!SI2 @ Ste Catherine02LFSpace Invader @ Sainte Catherine, Brussels

Here are three photos of some rather amusing vandalism and street art  in Brussels:Oh, mon coeurThe vertical wall painting Odilon Verjus is one of 47 comic walls around Brussels. Comic enthusiasts can do a walk around the city using this map. In the background is the Palais de Justice which was briefly tagged last year, which seems to be perpetually under construction or renovation.Fred le Chevalier @ rue Keyenveld01LFFred le Chevalier has made his mark in Brussels too, and right across from  Les Brassins, my favourite brasserie in town. I didn’t realise this before, but it’s interesting to note that one of the characters is building a brick wall!Hector Chicken + BeurkThis is one of my favourite piece of vandalism that I’ve seen in Brussels. A hilarious juxtaposition of Hector Chicken claiming to be “good” and “healthy” against a chicken going “beurk”!

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