It was a chilly morning last spring when I spotted my first Space Invader in Brussels while on my way to work. I did a double take as it was too good to be true. AB happened to be with me and he agreed that Space Invader has indeed landed in the land of moules frites + bier (mussels with fries + beer).SI @ Ave de Toison D'or01LFBeneath this Space Invader is a popular spot for homeless people to set themselves up with a little container for coins from passers-by as they huddle in the corner to keep warm.SI-@-ING-Namur01Perched at the corner of ING at Porte de Namur, I wonder if it was a deliberate choice of colours by Invader himself to match this little fellow with the orange in the bank’s logo. AB said that it looks like a ninja but I think it rather resembles a bank robber! What do you think?SI-@-Ave-de-Toison-D'or01LF  

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