After having experienced a full winter in 2010-11, I told myself that I’ll not complain about how hot and humid Singapore is. Since then, whenever I returned to Singapore to visit family and friends, I would remind myself of this and try to sleep with the windows open instead of switching on the air-conditioning. Being able to walk around in sleeveless tops / cotton t-shirts, shorts / capri pants and sandals / slippers helped of course. In fact, it felt quite liberating to go to town in sandals and shorts instead of piling on a few layers of clothes!

Not difficult to guess which was taken in Singapore and in Paris:Hot-&-coldSimilarly, I try not to complain about how cold, grey and cloudy it is in Brussels. After all, some of my family and friends in southeast Asia would gladly exchange the muggy humidity over there for the dry cold climate here, which must seem like a 24-hour air-conditioned space (or a freezer, for those who can’t stand the cold)!

But, after almost six months of cold weather, I’m ready to dump my coats, scarfs, hat, gloves and boots into the wardrobe, and slip into my sandals and summer dresses. Winter is starting to feel a little ‘old’…  I want to wake up in the morning and not have to enter “Brussels weather” into Google before deciding what to wear to work.

Based on the latest weather forecast, it looks like things are looking up and we’ll have some milder weather above 0 degrees Celsius. Yay!

Here are some random shots taken during some of the colder winter days in Brussels to ‘commemorate’ the end of winter:First snow in Brussels, Winter 2011/12



Winter frostV50




Gare du Midi



I took this photo on a sunny weekend last month. I only noticed when I was processing the image that someone had tagged ‘CRAZY’ on one of the concrete slabs near the bus stop. Which I thought was quite a fitting comment for the Mango advertisement featuring a model in a midriff-flaunting outfit!Sunny cold winter SundayV50

2 replies on “Dear Winter, isn’t it time to bid ‘goodbye’?

  1. Those photos look lovely compared to the humidity we’re experiencing, but I don’t think I’d want months and months of that snow either! Once we started traveling to colder places, I griped occasionally about the annoyance of having to put on so many layers every time I went out, even if it was just to check the mail. On the other hand, at some point while we were in Kyoto I realized the layers could work in my favor — I threw on my coat and boots over my pajamas, et voilà, I looked dressed even without a bra or proper pants. 😉

    1. Always a situation of the grass being greener on the other side, I guess! I understand what you mean about being able to get away with not dressing up in winter.. though there have been a few occasions when I was caught off-guard – e.g. boyfriend wanted to walk around more and have coffee somewhere, and I look like I’m in my pajamas at the cafe!

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