I was in Tokyo for only four days after 12 days touring around Hokkaido with my family in 2012. It was in August. Summer in Tokyo is generally hot and humid. When we were there, it felt like the heat was sapping the energy out of us. How refreshing it was every time we passed in front of an automatic door and cool air came gushing out at us! Little wonder we spent a fair amount of time in the department stores, especially in the basement food sections sampling the different foods.

This photo was taken in Tokyo’s Yanaka neighbourhood when my sister and I stumbled upon a summer festival. We were drawn by the the noise and smells that came from a dimly lit alley, and promptly followed the locals to check out the merriment.

Most of the locals were in ‘western dress’, i.e. shorts, summer dresses, jeans and t-shirts. There was however a handful of girls and ladies who turned out in colourful kimonos, which added to the festive charm. I wondered if it is uncomfortable to be wearing the kimono in such weather given that there are layers of cloth closely wrapped around the body. I suppose there must be a light version of the kimono that is suited for hot humid summer days.

This photo was taken with a Fuji x100 and the raw file was processed with RPP using a Technicolor System4 dye Transfer (Technicolor 3Strip) film simulation.

This image is my contribution to this week’s photo challenge of Roy G. Biv. I’m thinking of starting with “R” for “red” and then post one corresponding photo for the following six days to match the remaining colours. Thus making this into a week-long photo challenge. What do you think?

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