My family came to visit me in Belgium earlier this month. It was great to spend time with my parents and my younger sister. It was fun discovering some parts of this country, especially Brussels, together with them. Though I probably ate my fill of frites (fries) for the next three months and drank more beer during this period than I would in a year!

We didn’t want to move too much between different places. Instead, we spent most of our time in Brussels exploring the green spots around the city.

IMG_6196.JPG I also brought my folks to some of my favourite neighbourhood spots like Parvis de St. Gilles and Place Flagey.


We spent a few days in Ghent, which everyone enjoyed. Even though I’ve been here before, I was pleasantly surprised by how lively the city is. I would definitely be visiting Ghent again!


From Ghent, we made a day trip to Bruges. After living in Brussels for three years, this was my first time visiting Bruges. I can see why it’s reputed to be the “Venice of Belgium” though I prefer the real deal 😉

‘Lo and behold, I was in Venice for a few days of meetings right after my family left for Singapore.

With all this non-stop travelling, as well as eating and drinking, I’ve had to take a hiatus from blogging. The next few days will be busy too as I’m moving house, yay! But once all is settled, you’ll be hearing and seeing more from me. Meanwhile, enjoy a lovely weekend!

11 replies on “Family time in Belgium: Snapshots

    1. Even though I last saw my family less than a month ago, so much have taken place (especially with the moving) that it feels like months ago! About time I video-chat with my folks soon, as soon as I’ve my internet set up…

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