I finally made my way to Negatif+ to develop a few rolls of film that were taken earlier this year. About half of the images were taken in spring/summer and, as always, it was a surprise to see some of them as I had forgotten about taking them!

Look through them, I was reminded of our first visit to Maria Loca (@ 31 Boulevard Henri IV, 75004, Paris), a cocktail bar near Bastille. I had taken a few photos with AB’s rangefinder under very dim light conditions and was quite pleased to see that they turned out fine with no visible camera shake. More importantly, these images capture the laid-back, intimate atmosphere in Maria Loca.

I especially like the interior decor with overhanging bird cages masquerading as lamp shades, spots of greenery and ceiling fans evoking a tropical ambiance, and wooden crates re-purposed as shelves behind the bar. The cocktails that we tried – Neige de Printemps and Golden Parachute – were well made with lovely accents such as yuzu and orange blossom.

The name of the bar is named after a spirit that is distilled in a Brazilian prison named “Maria Louca”, and “Loca” was used instead of “Louca” as it apparently sounds better in French.

While we didn’t have any cachaça, we had some wine after polishing off the cocktails. Santé!


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