Earlier this week, I posted a moment that I spotted at Rue Mouffetard in Paris’ 5th arrondissement on a fine Saturday morning.

Today, I came across a lovely soundwalk recorded by Des Coulam of Soundlandscapes’ Blog. I love how it starts with the gentle pitter patter of the rain and as the recording goes on, you can hear the passing traffic, snippets of conversations, delighted children squealing with joy, coffee cups being washed, church bells ringing… before it ends off with the sound of trolleys in the supermarket.

To accompany this soundwalk, here are some photos that I took on that beautiful day at Rue Moueffetard:Marché Mouffetard - artisan boulanger near 122 rue Mouffetard - Kodak TXP400 levelsTaken with Lomo LC-A, Kodak TXP400: Delicious, fluffy, buttery croissants fresh out of the oven! I know, because we had some : )

Street art everywhere, including spray-paint geishas and Space InvadersRue Mouffetard04k64Rue Mouffetard05k64Rue Mouffetard07p160ncRue Mouffetard06p50bwChild skipping in the sunRue Mouffetard06,15p50bwDiptych featuring the girl who writes as she walks and the happy little girl


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