It’s the end of March and it’s snowing again here in Brussels. This winter is start to get a little ‘old’. On a more positive note, here’s presenting the national food of Belgium: frites / fries. Almost always topped with a mayonnaise-based sauce of your choice and served in a paper cone. Most people have un cornet de frites all to themselves. Fortunately for my waistline, AB and I prefer to share a single cone of greasy goodness. Frit Flagey01,3LF -diptychPlace Flagey is one of my favourite weekend spots in Brussels. Even when it’s freezing cold, it makes for a nice walk from my apartment and it’s nice to wander amongst the food trucks and stalls. Just the fact that the selection of cheese here is 10 times better than what I would ever get at my neighbourhood Delhaize supermarket is a good reason to make a walk to Place Flagey.

Even though we’ve been there many times, I’ve never paid notice to the french fries stall – Frit Flagey which seems to draw a small line of people patiently waiting for their frites. Sorry, the cheese trucks and the gaufre (waffle) stall beckon every time. But I recently came across some positive comments about the fries stand at Flagey and mentioned it to AB while we were walking around Place Flagey and looking for a snack before going to Café Belga for some real food.Frit Flagey02LFTurns out that the fries were not bad at all! Crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. It was quite a wait though as the frites-man carefully (re)fried the fries on order. But absolutely worth it!Frit Flagey03LF

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