After 1.5 years of living in Brussels, I finally made my way to Café Belga at Place Flagey last weekend.

2 March, Saturday: A sunny cool day spent at a window seat with The Garlic Ballads by Mo Yan while sipping several cups of mint tea, mostly compliments of a server at the bar : )Café Belga - Garlic ballads

After I sat down, my attention was immediately drawn to a peculiar-looking dog which looked like a hound with its long legs, narrow frame and long snout, quietly observing passers-by and the traffic outside Café Belga. Café Belga - mysterious dog

10 March, Sunday: AB and I stopped by Café Belga for a bite after trying a croque monsieur at a food truck at Place Flagey.

Café Belga - brunch dimancheK64

Guess who was at the window again today?

Café Belga - mysterious dog againAfter entering a few search terms into Google, we finally figured out the identity of this elegant dog with the combo of “hound + long snout arched back”: It’s a Borzoi, also known as Russian Wolfhound. I think that ‘aristocratic’ is a very apt description of the Borzoi!

AB found this lovely series of watercolour paintings of the Borzoi online which makes me wish that I could draw something more than just disproportionate stick figures.

Borzoi watercolour

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