June 2011: This was the first time I was in Brussels. I was in town for my second interview with Starwood and knew close to nothing about Brussels except that it is known for its beer, moules frites (mussels and fries), and chocolate. Oh, and that the pissing boy, ahem, Manneken Pis, has a bigger wardrobe than I.

After the interview, I had some time to burn before I had to go to Gare du Midi to catch the Thalys train back to Paris. So I took a little walk in the vicinity of the office and stumbled upon a vantage point near a boulevard and tram lines. I stood there for a while, enjoying the chilly breeze and calm while taking in the sweeping view of this city as I contemplated the possibility of living in Brussels.

September 2011: The sun had just set. AB and I were walking around with a map in hand after viewing an apartment in St. Gilles that made me quite excited. We ended up at the same vantage point where I was at several months ago. The city in front of me was lit up with the clouds catching the last rays of sunlight. We discussed if I should call my relocation agent to tell her that I want to rent the apartment that I just visited. This was the first time that I was renting an apartment and it felt a little daunting.

Today: I walk by this vantage point almost every day on my way back home from work. This is my favourite view of Brussels and I always recommend it to tourists who ask me for directions or who I happen to meet. The view, especially at sunset and right after it has rained, is mesmerising. On a clear day, you can see the Atomium, the Basilica and the Tour du Midi (Midi Tower at Gare du Midi), and even “Hollywood”. I especially like the view from the bridge leading to the glass lift.

See it for yourself: Place Poelaert, just in front of Palais de Justice and less than five minutes from métro Louise/Louiza.





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