When I moved to Brussels, I shipped various things from my home in Singapore. This included my queen-size bed (mattress and pillows included), a made-in-France cast iron pot (that got to travel around the world a bit) and a few pairs of stilettos (in which I struggle to walk on cobblestone streets).

Some of the more reasonable things that I did bring with me to Belgium were my books. Amongst which was this 2.5kg giant of a book titled “The Art of Looking Sideways” by Alan Fletcher (okay, perhaps it wasn’t quite necessary to include this in the shipment).

I don’t think that I’ve read more than 20 pages of this 534-page heavyweight since I bought it a few years ago. I flipped through it recently. A few small words in Italic, perched on the side of a page, caught my eye as I thumbed through the pages:

“How many ‘faces’ lie hidden waiting for the time when curious eyes will find them in their secret places. In the heart of a leaf or the bark of a tree. In a frozen pond or the turning sea. In the twist of a chair or the look of a key or in the shriveled skin of an elephant’s knee..” — Irwin Dermer

I found this quote to be quite charming and was inspired to sieve through the thousands of unnamed, unedited photos that I’ve taken in recent months. I was looking for something poetic. Something that would resonate in a similar way as the Irwin Dermer quote.Then I found these photos that I took in Paris in March 2011.

Faces that we pass on the street every day. Faces that make us stop in our footsteps. Faces that strike our imagination.




Métro Abbesses lift01A25BW    DSCF2524A25BW


5 replies on “Hidden Faces in Paris

  1. Quite a superb quote. Loved it – and its inspiring relevance to photography, curiosity, travel, reading, writing ….
    Brilliantly used too…

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