I am listening to [mystery location], intent, my eyes closed;
Then suddenly birds fly by,
Flocks of birds, high up, with a hue and cry,
While the nets are drawn in the fishing grounds
And a woman’s feet begin to dabble in the water.
I am listening to [mystery location], intent, my eyes closed.

Guess where I was?

I haven’t been spending much time in Brussels of late due to work. Neither have I had much time to read or write.

Fortunately, I managed to fit in some time to explore during my recent work trip. While I’ve not reviewed or edited all the photos that I took with my phone, here’s a diptych that I made with two initial images.

9 replies on “Guess where?

  1. Beautiful pics all around your blog! These two above look familiar, I guess it was on the Mediterranean Sea, it may be Sicily, Greece or Turkey!

      1. I knew it! 🙂 I come from Puglia, southern region of Italy.. they were looking so familiar! Looking forward to see you on our shores 😉

        1. I first visited Italy in 2008, and we were in Puglia, Campania & Basilicata. I would love to return to see more of these regions and to re-visit some of the places that we enjoyed (e.g. Ostuni) 🙂

    1. Thanks Heather! These were taken in Istanbul actually. Though I see why you’ve suggested Portugal (just remembered the blue-white tiles in Porto) 😉

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