As I write this post, I’m standing by the heater to keep warm and occasionally peeking out of the window. I’m waiting for snow to appear. According to the weather forecast, there’s 100% chance of snowfall from 0100-0200 in Brussels tonight. But all I see and hear are fat raindrops.

The latest weekly photo challenge is all about warmth. Allow me to share this photo that was taken in summer at A Coruña, a port city in Galicia in the north of Spain.

It was mid-July, right in the middle of summer. However, don’t be fooled by the skimpily-clad people lying on the beach in this photo. As soon as the sun was covered by the clouds – notice the overcast sky? – the air turn chilly. And this happened every few seconds as it was also a windy day.

Nonetheless, there were many people braving the ‘summer chill’ – young and old, naked and clothed – sprawled along the length of Playa de Riazor. Almost everyone had a deep tan.

This photo was taken with a second-hand Canonet QL17, loaded with a roll of Fuji Superia 200.

18 replies on “Oh, to be warm!

  1. We’re also expecting snow tonight in Minneapolis — but so far we’ve only received raindrops. There’s something about this damp cold that gets into your bones, isn’t there? At least you have a *wonderful* photographic memory of a happy time in a warmer clime. And I hope tomorrow is a bit more temperate so you can enjoy the lovely Christmas market. Cheers to you from Minnesota, and happy New Year!

    1. It snowned shortly in the middle of the yesterday – I was up watching The Godfather III. But the ground is not cold enough for the snow to stick. More snow to come in the Brussels over the next days. Happy holidays to you too Heather!

    1. You can probably find them on ebay quite easily. I was lucky to have gotten mine from someone who specialises in repair and restoration of old cameras, so my QL17 is in good form.

      1. I have been keeping my eye open for one here – have seen two, one that was too expensive and another that was not working and probably too much work to fix up. I think it is probably quite similar to my Yashica Electro GS in performance, optics and so on, so I am not in a hurry. I think one will come to me in time.

  2. Cold and windy here, not sure about snow in the next days, I would like to drive to visit my brother if weather is ok. Nice to see a beach on a summer day, beautiful colors!
    PS: here means north Italy, near Milan.

    1. Glad you enjoy a glance of summer 🙂 I’m starting to organise photos taking during our recent summer holiday in Portugal and Spain. So maybe there’ll be more to come!

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