Bom dia
I’ve been busy climbing up and down the meandering streets carved into the hills of Porto and Lisbon. Which is a great way to burn off the calories from the deliciously fresh seafood that we’ve been enjoying every other day!

The wi-fi at our new place is not particularly fast, so here are a few moments from sunny Portugal. More to come, including some travel tips and recommendations!




P.S. I didn’t paint the first image, which is of an early morning view from the apartment we were at in Lisbon. This was done via Waterlogue, a spiffy iPhone app that renders photographs into watercolour paintings!

8 replies on “Summer break: Porto & Lisbon, Portugal

  1. I’m planning to go to Lisbon at the beginning of next year, so I’m looking forward to your next posts! And thanks for introducing me to this app, it’s gorgeous!

  2. WOW!! Some nice pictures here. I actually thought the first one was a watercolour painting. Sure fooled me.
    Guess you must be having fun, burning off the calories, and enjoyed the food and views of Portugal at the same time.

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