While sipping some Valpolicella, I was going to review the recent photos taken in Venice. Instead, I was browsing photos of a mid-day barbecue taken in Singapore last October.

My Valpolicella-fueled brain decided to use an Agfa APX 25 film simulation, with some inspiration from Daido Moriyama.

Here are the results:

Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz02a25bwb

Milk please for the little one


Garlic bread

Garlic bread01a25bwb

Salted beef

Salted beef05a25bw

17 replies on “BBQ + Daido Moriyama

  1. Aha! A ‘glass’ with my name on it! What a shame I am not allowed to drink it. I like the film simulation. What software did you use?

    1. That’s what “A” stands for in “AB” 😉 You can make your own with Spanish cava or txakoli when you’re in Barcelona. Just need to pick up some Aperol at the airport duty-free shop!

      It’s my usual photo-processing tools: Starting with Raw Photo Processor (www.raw-photo-processor.com) to convert the RAW files to Tiff, then I played around with the contrast, brightness and sharpness in Photoshop.

      I didn’t push the contrast or sharpness too much as that would have been too harsh for my liking. Just enough to present a BBQ in a different light 🙂

  2. Ah! The salted beef looks really enticing!! And this coming from someone who just had dinner!! So, the photographs are very good…BTW the little one doesn’t look too amused! 🙂

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