Guess where this photo was taken?

This is the rooftop of The Gritti Palace in Venice and is normally not accessible to the public.

But if you happen to afford the Redentore Terrazza Suite, which costs over US$15,000 a night, you could have all of this 250-square metre rooftop terrace to yourself, as well as the amazing panoramic views of the grand canal, the city, and of course, the imposing Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute. There’s also an outdoor jacuzzi and a cosy suite one level down, which reminds me of being in a boat with the porthole-like windows in the bedroom.

After clocking 10+ hour every day at work this week, so that I can go on leave with an easy mind, I’m especially looking forward to our little vacation to Venice over the weekend!

Just thinking about sipping coffee early in the morning at the terrace of The Gritti Palace makes me quite happy. To see the city rouse into action – for instance, boats making DHL deliveries or transporting sugar/flour/oil before gondolas start plying the canal in droves – is one of my favourite memories of Venice.

Gritti Palace - self-portrait01k64Selfie taken at The Gritti Palace in May 2013

To read and see more about this historic hotel:

Arrivederci! (see you soon)

10 replies on “Room with a view

  1. Enjoy. We stayed at the Hotel Baglioni just off St. Mark’s. Great location but by Asian standards the rooms are small. Venice has to be one of the best cities in the world to visit. I would get up at 6am and go out before all the tourists. There was a lot of renovation and scaffolding around unfortunately. In fact we probably preferred Florence. Definitely two places to revisit.

    1. We enjoyed our stay in Venice tremendously. Great weather + good food (lots of cicchietti, prosecco, vapolicella)! We spent a night each at a different hotel along the grand canal, which was quite fun as each hotel had its own character and design. The Gritti Palace remains a firm favourite though 😉

      I took it easy on this trip and slept aplenty. The earliest that I woke was before 8am on one morning and my ‘best effort’ was to go to the balcony to take photos.

      The layout of the city is impressive and fascinating with its network of canals, bridges and narrow alleys. I’d love to return to Venice in winter when it’s grey and foggy (but preferably no flooding) to get a different perspective/experience of the city!

    1. If I had 15k euro at my convenient disposal, I think I would spend it travelling for a few months instead of splashing it all out on one spectacular suite 😉

      1. hehehe…smart girl! 😀 I was calculating…I can easily sell my apartment here in India and book the room for 3 days…but for the flight tickets, I would need to rob something!! 😀 😛

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