In just a few days I’ll in Heidelberg, Germany to participate in a Magnum photography workshop led by Chang Chien-Chi. Am super excited about it but am also a little anxious as I’ve still not decided on a subject for my project. Ideally, the subject should be related to the trans-territories theme of the 5th Fotofestival Mannheim Ludwigshafen Heidelberg, with which the workshop is held in conjunction.

I’d like to focus on the revitalisation and/or abandonment of heritage and/or disused sites and buildings, tying it back to urban development. Someone from the Mannheim tourism board kindly directed me to a useful website that documents historic industrial sites and buildings in the Rhein-Neckar region. Am still plowing through the list and I’d have to figure out how to get access to some of these… If you have any recommendations, please shoot them across : )

Meanwhile, I looked through the photos that I recently took at Charleroi – have left out the images from the unused metro stations – to put together a portfolio for review at the start of the masterclass. Am not fully satisfied with it and am thinking of removing one or two images in the middle as they seem a little repetitive. Feedback is welcome!

Now, I’ve to go back to my research. And try not get too distracted with dancing in my living room while listening to the Yuksek and Pet Shop Boys CDs that I bought this week! Which reminds me, I’ve still yet to find Breakbot’s By Your Side in Brussels… 01Slag hill01 02Tracks04tc4



05Highway05 - soldestc4


07Factories by the river07-8tc4

08Cooling tower05lf

08Factories by the river16 - cooling tower

09Cooling tower09a25bw

10Cooling tower17a25bw

11Cooling tower20a25bw

12Cooling tower21bw

13Cooling tower26lf

7 replies on “Magnum photography workshop + Urbex in Charleroi

  1. Have a wonderful time at the workshop! How exciting!

    I’ve been thinking of you this week because we have just arrived in Boston for a three-month stay, and we are in a LOFT! Old beams and brick and exposed pipes and everything! Also I think I saw a space invader on the street (couldn’t take a photo because cars were coming).

    1. Hi Lisa, thank you! Wow, three months in a loft in Boston – pas mal! I’m staying at a hostel in Heidelberg and it is located within a former tobacco factory, though just some exterior structures left + some machinery gathering dust in a storage space. So am sure it’s not quite as cool as your new spot : ) It’s been a while since I’ve photographed space invaders…

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