This Space Invader is not actually mounted within the Passage du Grand Cerf, which I had recently blogged about. Rather, it is located just a few steps from one end of the passage couvert.SI @ rue Marie-Stuart03-4These images were taken during my first visit to Passage du Grand Cerf when a parade passed through the shopping arcade while I was browsing in a bric-à-brac shop – which by the way, sold “China Electric Sparklers” that have illustrations of an Indian goddess and a Japanese kimono-clad woman posing with sparklers on the packaging. How bizarre!Passage du Grand Cerf08LFThe entourage had at least 50 young Parisians with white painted faces and dressed in Japanese-inspired and/or futuristic space costumes. I have no idea what the parade was about but it certainly was good fun on a Saturday afternoon!Passage du Grand Cerf12

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