Cheung Chau, 2004: It was the first time I had visited one of the outlying islands around Hong Kong. And I was hooked and decided that Hong Kong is my favourite city in Asia. Not because I’m a beach person – I’m not and I get sunburnt too readily – but because I appreciate how easy it is to get away from the urban streets of Hong Kong and be out there amid nature.F1050030I was on the ferry when I met a middle-aged gentleman who asked if I was travelling alone and when I replied “hai” in my halting Cantonese (i.e. “yes”), he suggested that we explore Cheung Chau together as he was visiting it for the first time in many years since he emigrated to Canada. And so we did.

What a beautiful sunny day it was.

Diptych: Summer breeze in Cheung Chau, Hong KongCheung-Chau-2004

3 replies on “A Moment in Time // 2004: Cheung Chau, Hong Kong

  1. Also as you seem to have spent a good amount of time in HK, would you happen to know of any good pro labs where I could develop 35mm film? I’ve had a really hard time finding one! Thanks so much.

  2. Thanks for your compliment and glad that you enjoy them! I’m afraid I’m not familiar with good labs where you could get your film developed in HK. Happy to give my five cents worth on where to get good congee / dim sum or share some of favourite spots to wander around HK though 🙂

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