F1010014 F1010016These are two of my favourite images that I took in Hong Kong when I was travelling on my own for the first time. I hadn’t dabbled in photography much at that point – almost a decade ago! Back then, I was capturing moments around me with an analog camera (Canon EOS500) and I don’t think I deliberated as much as I might do nowadays whenever I brought it to my eye. It was often quite in the moment and I think I was less bashful. I always had an affinity for photographing everyday life and think that there’s so much around us if we would only keep our eyes open.

These two images always remained at the back of my mind and there’s something about each moment that keeps drawing me back to them. I’m not too sure why or what… but I like how time seem to have stopped or froze in these pictures. Hence this diptych:HK-SoHo-2004

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