I was lying in bed with gastric pain and trying to think of something pleasant to take my mind off the discomfort. Somehow my mind wandered to the stunning La Concha Bay (Bahía de La Concha) at San Sebastian…

After a few intense days of work, I finally had the time to take a leisurely walk around the city. AB, who had explored the city a little on his own during the previous days, brought me to the bay before we went up Mount Urgull.

It was a cold, overcast day and the wind was blowing hard. As we stood by the promenade, looking out to the blue-green waters, it was both impressive and relaxing to see and listen to the waves rushing into the bay.

The water must have been around 10 degrees Celsius, but it certainly didn’t deter these two elderly gentlemen from swimming in the bay!

Bahía de La Concha

Perhaps they were training for the Travesía a nado, an annual three-kilometre swimming race in summer. Or perhaps they were just doing it because they could and they enjoyed it. La buena vida!

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