1130: Stepped out of a hot shower

1135: Blinded momentarily by the strong, and unexpected, blaze of sunlight while going to the laundry area in the basement

1136: Dare I say that I was enraptured?

1140: Back in my apartment and energetically putting away clothes that had been hung out to dry since Tuesday. Thinking that I should be out there, in the streets, enjoying the sun. Not indoors. Where would I go?

Café Belga? But I was just there yesterday, albeit for the first time after 1.5 years of living in Brussels. One of the brasseries around Parvis de St. Gilles? But I want somewhere bathed in lumiere, inside, as it is too cold to be sitting outside. Le Pain Quotidien? Trop branché, trop cher.

Now: Brain is still buzzing.

Maybe it’s from listening to The xx, which I find incredibly seductive. Or maybe I’ve watched too many TED videos this week?

How I miss being an audience, never mind that it is not in real time, to such stimulating ideas! I also miss having thought-provoking conversations with friends.

Maybe I need to get out more in Brussels and meet people from outside work.

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