Snails on a rainy night

May 2012: I photographed these snails on a rainy night in Istanbul.

It was my first time I was on my own in the city centre after several days at Le Méridien Istanbul where I had been working non-stop to make sure that everything went well for the hotel’s grand opening.

I’m glad that I extended my stay in Istanbul over the weekend after the project wrapped and had the chance to discover a little of the city at leisure. I had heard mixed feedback from friends about Istanbul and was curious to see for myself if I’d like the city.

My verdict: Love it!

Sure, the traffic can be a nightmare but I walked around most of the time when I was there. I like that it’s a melting pot of different cultures and religions, of things old and new. Istanbul can cause a sensory overload – weaving car traffic, crowded cobblestone streets, heady scent of spices and coffee, seagulls calling by the Bosphorus, freshly grilled kebabs served with herb-infused sides…

It can overwhelm you but if you choose to go with the flow, you’ll fall in love with Istanbul.

4 replies on “Remembering Istanbul

  1. I’m definitely on the “overwhelmed” side of responses to Istanbul, though there was much I appreciated about the city. I think it was a timing problem; it was too much, a monthlong stay after nearly six months of travel. Someday I’ll go back and see it differently.

  2. I guess it can also be a little challenging when you’re there for a month and you don’t speak the local language (not that I speak Turkish). I’m hoping that an upcoming work project will see me headed to Istanbul in the coming months!

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