The winter sale has just started this week and I bought five items yesterday. Most of them were purchased at my first stop: Les Enfants d’Edouard, which sells secondhand designer items. I bought a YSL scarf for just 25€, alongside items from Belgian designers Natan Edouard Vermeulen and Ann Demeulemeester. Total cost: 125€

Inspired by my shopping jaunt yesterday, I’d like to share some of the gorgeous haute couture dresses that were presented during the grand opening dinner of Hotel Maria Cristina in San Sebastian, Spain. This was in late October 2012 and it took me a while to correct the colours in the image due to the intense blue-violet lighting during the event.

Hotel Maria Cristina grand opening

The fashion show started with a performance by a ballerina, Ane Kompainia Dantzaz Anza, who stretched, kicked and cartwheeled her way along the ‘runway’, which was really the public space of the hotel with long tables set on two sides.

This was followed by one of my favourite dresses – a moody, mysterious 1912 creation of/for Mademoiselle Lasaiuana which reminded me of a beautiful, elegant black widow. I wasn’t able to take a good picture of it and couldn’t find information about this character / personality. If someone knows any more, please let me know.

One of my favourites of the evening: 1918 Madame Butterfly, inspired by Poiret.

1918 Madame Butterfly, Poiret-inspired

Then came the flapper in a sultry beaded top from 1928.

1928 Flapper

“No Words” by Chanel, 1932 left many in the audience speechless for a while, not just because of the gorgeous lacework.

1932 %22No Words%22 by Chanel

I quite like the intricately beaded kaftan by Pedro Rodriguez (1956) though it would not be something that I’d wear.

1956 Kaftan by Pedro Rodriguez

Love the structured look and colour-blocking in this 1961 piece, inspired by the Bauhaus movement, from Courreges.

1961 Courreges, inspired by Bauhaus movement

An interesting take on the 1978 cape-dress by Valentino. Evoked several comments of “Star Wars”!

1978 Valentino

1986: “Happy Land” by Valentino. Happy days means wearing flowers in your hair?

1986 %22Happy Land%22 by Valentino

Princess dress by Oscar de la Renta (2000)

2000 Oscar de la Renta

Another view

2000 Oscar de la Renta2

Last but not least, 2012 creations by local San Sebastian designers – Isabel Zapardiez and Fernando Lemoniez.

2012 Isabel Zapardiez, Fernando Lemoniez  

You can also see a video from the event here. Happy viewing! Meanwhile, I might just go out again to check out the sale since the shops are open, exceptionally, today : )

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