Me in Kenzo skirt

Born and raised in Singapore, I left home in 2010 to discover the world beyond the ‘little red dot’.

My one-year sabbatical in Paris led me to Brussels where I worked for several years. An opportunity came up in Hong Kong and I returned to Asia in 2016.

Things that I like and that inspire me include: endless walks, bookstores, train rides, single-malt whiskies, Chinese tea, nu-jazz, electronica, film photography, Art Deco design, Rioja red wine, fruits soaked in alcohol, mountains, rainy nights, cats, and dark chocolate.

“Beyond an HDB flat” sums up what this blog is about. For an HDB flat (Singapore’s successful public housing) is where I, like most Singaporeans, grew up in.

Here is where I record my thoughts and experiences, most of which are from my time abroad and travels. Where I share and exchange insights on off-the-beaten-path destinations and translated literature. Where I discuss photography and societal observations. So please feel free to drop me a line!

All the photos you see here were taken by me, unless otherwise indicated. Please request for permission if you’d like to use any of the content and include full credit and link to my blog. 

52 replies on “About Me

  1. Inspiring. A living example of Singaporeans leaving the country (maybe) for good. In fact, that’s exactly my next move, but i’ll be more focus on travelling through the wine regions. Maybe we could meet-up when i’m there… maybe if everything smooth, in August 2013!

    1. I’ve always found Singapore to be too small a place to spend my entire life and wanted to expand my horizons, which is why I moved in 2010. That said, Singapore will always be home in my heart as that’s where my family and most of my friends are 🙂 Good luck with your upcoming adventure!

      1. Yes! I have been working in London for the past 3 years and its time to go back to Singapore. Giving myself 3 months to travel before doing so! Are you going back home soon?

        1. I see. I’ve been away from Singapore for almost 3 years now, but I have no plans to return yet. Singapore is too small a place to spend my entire life and there’s so much outside of Singapore that I’d like to learn and experience.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the “like” on my recent post about my last days on my Germany vacation. I love your blog! The photos are gorgeous and I really appreciate the fine details you include in your writing. I’ll be back!

    1. Hi Elizabeth, thanks for dropping by and your feedback 🙂 I came across your blog while looking for some information on Heidelberg and I couldn’t resist taking some time to check out your food notes!

  3. Just happened to run into your blog. You have got a beautiful space running here. Loved some of your write-ups. Its very subtle .Happy blogging.

    1. Thanks Prasad for your kind words and happy blogging to you too! I see from your blog that you’ve recently been ton Singapore (my home country) : )

  4. I love the way your writing and images strike an emotive, at times, visceral chord. Like many others, I feel writing and photography are akin to breathing, well, at least for me. Safe travels and all the best in your pursuits in life…

  5. I am glad that you visit my blog and leave a comment there. I just read some of your posts and found it amazing. Full of information and very good photos. I definitely could learn a lot from you.

    In the early 70’s my father was assigned in Singapore where we had a chance of living around the People’s Park area for a year in an apartment which is not common for Indonesians at that time. That is why later on we moved far away to Holland Heights, where behind the house is still like a jungle at that time. That is around my elementary school era… Again, thank you Angelina.

    1. Hello Iksa, glad that you enjoyed some of my posts and photos! Interesting to know that you lived in Singapore – it must have been so different in the early 70s! When I was growing up in the 1980s, the HDB where we lived was right by the Clementi Woods – back then, it was a real, albeit tiny, spot of jungle. When I was back in Singapore last October, I was rather disappointed to see how little of the woods is left following further construction in the area. All that remains is what we remember of it, and the photos of course.

  6. hi. I wish to be update of your new posts but I can’t find the link to subscribe. can u help me?

    thank u

  7. What a truly wonderful blog! Fantastic stories and images. A fantastic life diary.
    You definitely have a new follower!!

  8. Can’t believe I’ve only just discovered this. I’m very impressed! Looking forward to your next post! Follow back if you will, thank you.

  9. What an awesome site. The photos are moody and story-telling. Glad I stumbled upon it. Way to go for breaking out of a small city into the big world.

  10. I just finished East of Eden and it rocked my literary world and maybe more. So I picked up an old paperback of The Winter of Our Discontent, printed in 1970 with a funky cover. Not the kind of cover I would expect in a Steinbeck novel. I looked around for info on this weird cover and stumbled upon literary bliss when I saw your blog on comments on the cover. After reading the synopsis for Beauty and Sadness, 84 Clearing Crossroad, and Young Gerber I can say that I must and will read all three. A beautiful blog with wonderful postings. Thank you.

    1. Hello FF, thanks for taking the time to write this note. It always make me happy to know that what I’ve shared here is informative to others. This is especially so when someone discovers a new author or novel through my book reviews. I hope that you’ll enjoy these books. Happy reading!

  11. I remember I’ve already been on your blog once, have you changed your theme? I stumbled upon your site again a few days ago, and I’m really impressed. Looks very professional, your pics and posts are beautiful and of high quality.

    1. Hello, you remember right! I had been using the previous theme (Traveller) for more than a year and came across this new design which allows more customisation (once I took the time to read the instructions). Happy that you like the new look 🙂

  12. Lovely to come across your blog Angelina – look forward to reading more here. I agree your site has a great layout and it’s a bit of a stimulus for me to think a bit about an update (although I’m a tad nervous about it!)

  13. Thank you for your compliments! WordPress has some great themes and many of them are user-friendly. Just try out the demo activations to see how your blog would appear in some of them. Good luck!

  14. Wonderful site! Regarding the piece on Art Deco from March of 2014; where can I obtain a copy of the Roger-Henri Expert image Le Grand Salon? It would look so beautiful on my wall! Do you know where the original resides, or of any books which include the image?

    Kathryn Freeman
    Austin, Texas, USA

  15. Hi Angelina! What a awesome photos that you have.

    Uhm, may I to know your email? I want to tell something.

    Thanks before,

    Greetings from Indonesia!

    Dony Setiawan

  16. Amazing photos Angelina!

    I am currently doing a school project on the Brutalist Architectural Movement in Singapore and I would love to include some of your thoughts and comments.
    Would it be possible to exchange emails?

    Looking forward to your reply 🙂

    Jessey Read

  17. Your list of what inspires you and what you enjoy is truly great “) That list along with the fact that you’re “insatiably curious” and like to talk with people made me want to explore your blog more. Thank you for sharing this about yourself! I think nothing keeps us more alive than ongoing inspiration, enjoyment, and curiosity about life, places, people, and anything we don’t know. Cheers!

  18. Hey Angelina, I stumbled upon your blog by chance and wow! am I glad I did? I love your food adventures and travel stories. Your photography brings out the soul of some of the destinations you’ve visited. I was in Singapore for a couple of weeks earlier this year and was amazed by the number of eating options in HDB complexes. Good on you for exploring the world and I hope to read more about your exploration. Cheers!

    1. Hi Harshit, thanks for your lovely note! I’m glad that you enjoyed the stories and photos, and that I was able to bring across through them some of the wonder that I experienced. Having lived outside of Singapore since 2010, I’m always happy to return home and have easy access to the many cheap and good hawker/kopitiam food!

  19. Super love your site design, was reading about obihiro food recommendations and came across your article. I’ve been trying to use some of the features on your site on my own site (the scroll to top design, the staggered three lines menu icon). May I know what theme you are using on wordpress?

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