Work took over my life the past week, hence the radio silence. Happy to say that I can get my life back after completing three major projects!

After spending a week in the UK, the longest I’ve done so, I’ve plenty of photographs to share plus some tips around London. Shall work through these soon.

During this period, I have had plenty of fun tinkling with the vsco cam app on iPhone. I like that I can now swiftly edit photographs while being constantly on the move. How convenient!

Here are some images that I created with my phone:







More to come in the coming days… after I’ve finished playing catch-up with work emails!

20 replies on “Radio Silence

  1. Stunning photos. Looks like you saw a lot of the sights in the UK, hope you had fun. You can usually get a lot of a week-long trip if you plan wisely. Looking forward to more, and good luck with work 🙂

  2. Totally grooving on the juxtaposition theme of your snaps. A sense of whimsical subjects in deep contrast tones. I like it.

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