Am in London and looking out onto the corner of Hyde Park from my room. The sky’s overcast right now… Hope that tomorrow will be sunny as I’ll be at Cowdray Park in West Sussex for an afternoon of polo!

This time last year – at The 5th St. Regis International Polo Cup – the sun was out, while the clouds shaded some of the (sun)rays and held back the (rain)buckets. It was the first time that I was at a polo match and I fretted for a really long time on what to wear – dress code was “garden chic”. In the end, I had to cover up with a woolen sweater from Muji as it was rather chilly (we were in early Spring after all)!

Here are some endearing moments from last year:SRIC Cowdray Park07tc4An elderly couple enjoying a game of polo and some afternoon teaSRIC Cowdray Park02tc4Divot stomping. Flats and wedges strongly recommended. Stilettos should be left at home.SRIC Cowdray Park12tc4Because it’s springtime, bring on the colours!SRIC Cowdray Park15tc4After the game. While there was no more champagne, the sun was still out and company jolly.

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