When looking for a place to stay when we were in Tai O, Lantau Island in Hong Kong, I came across a café that was recommended by several people as being one of the best spots in the village to sit back and enjoy a coffee on the water. This special little place is called Solo Cafe @ 86 Kat Hing Street /  蘇廬 @ 吉慶前街 86 號.Solo Cafe @ 86 Kat Hing Front St 大澳吉慶街86號地下09tc4

While reading about Solo Cafe on a Chinese forum, I learnt that the owners also rent out two apartments for visitors. Quelle chance! After a quick call during which I spoke in a smattering of Cantonese and Chinese, I received a few emails (in English) from the owner, Timmy So. He sent some photos that he had taken of Tai O and a street view of Google Map with a blue taxi that I should take at Tung Chung to get to Tai O. Sweet!

So it was set. A few weeks later, we arrived at the entrance of Solo Café.Solo Cafe @ 86 Kat Hing Front St 大澳吉慶街86號地下10tc4After we had dropped off our luggage in the apartment, which was just above the café, we were treated to a welcome drink of our choice on the terrace.Solo Cafe @ 86 Kat Hing Front St 大澳吉慶街86號地下02tc4cWhat a lovely welcome! The lemonade was delicious. I read online that the syphon coffee is pretty good too.Solo Cafe @ 86 Kat Hing Front St 大澳吉慶街86號地下03-5tc4bSolo Cafe @ 86 Kat Hing Front St 大澳吉慶街86號地下05tc4Solo Cafe @ 86 Kat Hing Front St 大澳吉慶街86號地下07sHow idyllic… to sip on lemonade, watching the world – well, mostly little boats, pass by the stilt houses on water.Solo Cafe @ 86 Kat Hing Front St 大澳吉慶街86號地下01tc4If you’re looking for a place to stay, please try Timmy So: Phone – (852) 9349 9147 (Chinese), (852) 9153 7453 (English) / taiosolo@gmail.com.

I didn’t take any proper photos of the apartment as I was preoccupied with the view from the living room. But here’s a snapshot taken with my Blackberry, with the living room in the foreground, looking straight into one of two bedrooms. The stairs lead to the rooftop where you could sit under the stars at night and enjoy a beer or two (or even have a barbecue – how cool is this!) There’s also a little aquarium in the living room – it was quite relaxing to look at the guppies and mini prawns swimming around while the water snails slowly slid along the glass walls.Solo cafe - our apartmentsThe apartment is very spacious, especially for Hong Kong. You could easily sleep eight people in here. Definitely great value for money. As you can see, we were super thrilled with our time in Tai O : )Family pic02P160NC

6 replies on “Place to stay in Tai O, Hong Kong: Solo Cafe / 大澳, 香港: 蘇廬

  1. My husband and I also enjoyed the hospitality of Timmy when we stopped by for a light lunch last Thursday. It was a little oasis after three full on days in Macau. We made a small donation to his favourite charity and he deluged us with postcards and a CD of Chinese music which we will useon the DVD we will make with photos of our wonderful two weeks’ stay on Lantau Island.

    1. Sounds like you had a really nice time at Solo Café! I really enjoyed sitting on the deck and sipping lemon tea while watching the boats pass. Two weeks on Lantau island – wow, were you there to hike?

      1. Not specifically. We were house sitting for friends in Mui Wo and took advantage of the trails from time to time. As 66 year olds, we were often congratulated by younger fellow travellers on the distances we had hiked and climbed, including three-quarters of the way up Lantau Peak, and the dolphin trail around Tai O. My husband has a serious operation coming up on November 21, and was advised to exercise and to walk for at least 45 minutes a day in preparation.As keen bird watchers, there were certainly side benefits. We had a wonderful guided tour on HKI and in the New Territories which also involved a lot of walking. It was a wonderful two weeks.

        1. Sounds like a fantastic way to spend time in nature. I read that Mui Wo is quite laid back and you can see buffalos relaxing on the beach! Hope that all goes well for your husband’s surgery.

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